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The talented team at Fox Creek Interiors has a singular approach to interior design. With this enthusiasm and attention to detail on single rooms or the individual components of a space, Fox Creek Interiors fills a distinctive niche in the Valley’s design market.

The results are magical. In one home, a gathered pencil pleat drape added to the window in the master bath softens the light reflecting from the polished marble floors and tub surround. This seemingly simple change gives the small room a luminous, spa-like quality.
For a bedroom design, deep chocolate walls contrast with crisp white bed linens and cream- colored accessories for a sense of high drama and class.

FoxCreek Interiors in SVPN (2014)

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I like to start with a warm palate. Warm colors make a space feel smaller and cozier; use them in your paint, fabrics, art, and accessories. Colors that work well together are peach-orange, red, brown, and gold tones. These hues make a room more compact and inviting. Throw in blues and greens to brighten things up.

Then, add lots of texture: things that are interesting to touch and hold. A smooth wood or stone coffee table, rich and sumptuous fabrics and textiles, a rough-hewn stone fireplace, or repurposed wood floors. Add throws, blankets, and quilts for cold winter evenings.

FoxCreek Interiors in Habitat Sun Valley Magazine (2009)

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The least expensive item for redecorating is paint,” said Fox Creek Interiors owner Susan Seder. “A color scheme, like serene blues, greens and violets, sets a tone and is the most affordable thing to do.” Starting with color and then mixing and matching materials and textures defines a room. Simple additions such as bed throws are an easy, but well- appreciated finishing touch.

FoxCreek Interiors in Habitat Sun Valley Magazine (2007)

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This year, according to Susan Seder, owner of Fox Creek Interiors in Ketchum, design is branching in two directions. One trend is toward hot colors, like reds and oranges that make a statement and those natural wood stains are giving way to painted wood and microfibers in blues, reds and greens.
The other is a trend in keeping with the general “green- ing” of the home industry. This environmentally friendly direction includes the use of soy-based materials, back pillows spun from recycled plastic bottles, screens of sustainable vines and the extensive use of cork in furniture and flooring. The overall look and feel of rooms is more cheerful, colorful and carefree.
If it’s time to revamp your decor, Seder suggests setting the tone with a new chair or re-upholstered sofa and more adven- turous wall paint and window coverings. Changing out the wood blinds and replacing them with more sophisticated products, such as Hunter Douglas silhouettes and luminettes, can transform a home’s interior. With these few changes, the tone is established and a new atmosphere is yours to enjoy.

Sun Valley Magazine : Home Architecture and Interiors (Fall 2008)

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I would never have a house without a fire pit. It extends the time we can be outside at night in the spring and fall. And it’s a wonderful place for friends and family to sit around and talk. There’s something about a fire — the warmth, the light flickering — that brings people close together. It’s different from sitting at a dining room table. And, invariably, someone will bring out a guitar…

Sun Valley Magazine : Home Architecture and Interiors (Fall 2009)

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Lavish your guests with luxury and add that special touch with a designer pillow, custom bedding and sheets. Custom bedding, pillows, and trims designed by Susan Seder and Pat McGinnis using fabrics and trims from Fabricut, Pindler & Pindler, Stout, Robert Allen and Duralee.

Sun Valley Magazine : Home Architecture and Interiors (Fall 2011)

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In a guest room you can use more colors than you might in your master bedroom, which you want to be serene since you spend so much time there. A guest room is only used a few nights at a time, so you can make it more playful. The key is to make it very welcoming for your guests and make sure they have all their needs met.

Sun Valley Magazine : Home Architecture and Interiors (Spring 2007)

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The Seders’ East Fork home is a unique reflection and blend of both their personalities and passions. I wanted more of a farmhouse and Eric wanted a barn style, so it’s a little bit of both. I love to add detail becuase that’s the thing that makes it interesting. There are so many different trims to choose from that are really fun.

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